Panther Run Elementary Dress Code

Dear Parents,

At Panther Run Elementary we encourage our students to be successful with their academic and social learning. We encourage you to do the same by supporting our uniform dress code policy. Having a student body wearing school uniforms promotes a positive atmosphere of learning, school pride, and community. This positively impacts the learning and behavioral climate in and around our campus. Thank you for helping make our
Panthers ROAR!


  • Shirts should be long or short sleeve collared polo/oxford in navy blue, gray, white, red or light pink.

  • School spirit shirts may be worn on Fridays for School Spirit Day. (Purchased in the front office) 

  • No large brand name logos on shirts.

  • All jackets/sweaters/polo dresses must be solid colors, navy blue, gray, white, light pink or red only.


  • Bottoms permitted: pants, Bermuda shorts, skirts, jumpers, or skorts in navy, khaki or black color. Ruffled skirts are NOT permitted.

  • Gray or black TIGHTS/LEGGINGS permitted ONLY if worn underneath a skirt.

  • Jeans may ONLY be worn on Fridays, half days, and cold days only! Jeans must be plain with no rips or embellishments. No baggy pants, sweatpants, or jogging pants.


  • Sneakers/loafers must be worn daily. Boots on cold days only.

  • Shoes with wheels, flip-flops, Crocs, or neon lights.

*To determine the acceptable length of shorts/skorts/skirts, stand with your fingertips to your side, check to see if your bottom is not shorter than the length of your fingertips.

On free dress lanyard days, students will be permitted to wear basketball shorts. Free dress lanyards are available for purchase in the front office beginning August 10, 2018, for $10.00.

Exceptions will be made for class field trips or special events. (Teachers will send home notice.) If you have any hand me down clothing to help supply our front office closet please let us know. 

Panther Run polos, sweatshirts & hoodies can be purchased at Creative Marketing products at 561-798-2424; Our school number is 561-804-3900.

Mrs. De La Vega